Degree Plan +



Degree Plan +

The DPT curriculum is a three-year coeducational program that focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in clinical practice.

Course Sequence

First Year (41 credits)
DPT 5000: Intro to Physical Therapist Practice
DPT 5010: Outpatient Physical Therapy I
DPT 5020: Acute Care I
DPT 5030: Outpatient Physical Therapy II
DPT 5040: Rehabilitation I
DPT 5050: Subacute I
DPT 5060: Home Care
DPT 5070: Clinical Education I

Second Year (42 credits)
DPT 6000: Acute Care II
DPT 6010: Rehabilitation II
DPT 6020: Subacute II
DPT 6030: Rehabilitation III
DPT 6040: Outpatient Physical Therapy III
DPT 6050: Clinical Education II
DPT 6060: Pediatrics
DPT 7000: Research Project Credits I

Third Year (35 credits)
DPT 7040: Research Project Credits II
DPT 7100: Complex Medical & Trauma Care
DPT 7110: Clinical Education III
DPT 7121: Outpatient Physical Therapy IV
DPT 7131: Rehabilitation IV
DPT 7140: Clinical Education IV
DPT 7150: Clinical Education V
DPT 7160: Ethics and Leadership Summit
DPT 8000: Research Project Credits III

For a detailed view of the course year, view the DPT course calendar.