Jessica H Research Day_0.JPGResearch is integrated throughout the curriculum beginning with principles of evidence based practice in year one, research methods and statistical analysis in year two, culminating in professional presentation skills and application to clinical practice in year three. Students choose a research project based on their interest from a list of faculty led projects. Students work in groups on their projects beginning in the 2nd year and complete them in the 3rd year including presenting the results on DPT Program Research Day.  In addition many students have an opportunity to present their projects at state and national PT meetings.


Examples of some student research projects from the class of 2014:

Spring APTA conf 2013.JPG

  • Hip strength and core endurance among adolescent female runners
  • The influence of position and age on leg movements and kicks in infants with spina bifida
  • Volunteering as an occupation in African-American women in a rural community
  • Fairview cancer rehab program outcomes and effectiveness: a pilot study
  • Core endurance testing: developing normative data for 3 clinical tests
  • Effect of LE sensory and amplitude electrical stimulation on recovery and function after a stroke: a pilot study