Fieldwork/Student Teaching



Fieldwork/Student Teaching

St. Kate’s has partnered with schools across the Twin Cities to get you into classroom settings early and often. You'll spend up to 50 hours each semester gaining practical experience, including five weeks in our EcoSTARS environmental education program.

Our partner schools, or clinical cluster sites, include

  • Cannon Falls STEM School
  • Dowling Urban Environmental School
  • Jeffers Pond Elementary in Prior Lake
  • Northrop Urban Environmental School 

During EcoSTARS fieldwork, you'll focus on teaching reading and science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For example:

  • Betsy Ohrt ’10 introduced first graders to the basic concepts of environmental science at Jeffers Pond in Prior Lake
  • Jennifer Kil ’11 shared plant life with her kindergarten class at Northrop in Minneapolis.
  • Maya Davis ’13 taught her first-grade class how to identify clouds — and make them out of cotton balls — during a science unit at Northrop. “Fieldwork is the best part of being an education major at St. Kate’s,” she says.

Student Teaching

All education programs at St. Kate’s culminate with a semester-long teaching experience at a partner school — and we provide student teaching placement services.

The student teaching experience offers numerous opportunities for you to put theory into practice, and to develop the skills, attitudes and understanding you need to direct the learning activities of your students at an appropriate professional level.