Visual Arts



Visual Arts

The K–12 visual arts content area is designed for those looking to teach art to students at all grade levels.

Supporting Courses

  • PSYC 1001 General Psychology
  • PSYC 2025 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • PHIL 2900 Philosophy of the Arts

Courses in Subject Area
(Licensure requirements may not constitute a full major – please consult with your advisor in this major.)

  • ART 232 Fibers I
  • ART 1000 Two-Dimensional Design
  • ART 1010 Three-Dimensional Design
  • ART 1200 Drawing
  • ART 2250 Art and Technology
  • ART 2300 Painting: Oil OR ART 2310 Acrylic OR ART 2320 Watercolor
  • ART 2340 Printmaking I OR ART 2360 Photography I OR ART 3370 Digital Photography
  • ART 2400 Wheel-Thrown Pottery OR ART 2450 Ceramics OR ART 2500 Sculpture OR ART 2550 Sculpture Metal
  • ARTH 1100 Introduction to Art History: Ancient through Medieval OR ARTH 1110 Introduction to Art History: Renaissance through Modern OR ARTH 1150 Ways of Seeing
  • ARTH 2650 Modern Art History OR ARTH 2670 Contemporary Art in the United States
  • Art History Elective Course (2000 level or above)
  • Two additional studio art electives in two different areas of emphasis at 2000 level or above.

The course work above addresses the licensure requirements of demonstration of foundational understandings about art and knowledge and skills in studio art and art history areas. The requirements concerning emphasis in at least two studio art areas are met by taking at least one more 2000 level or above course in each of two areas. The art faculty may advise additional course work on the basis of your demonstration of competencies and areas of emphasis at your portfolio reviews.

Education Courses:

  • EDUC 3250 Focus Studies in Elementary Art Education
  • EDUC 3760 Special Methods: Grades 7-12: Visual Arts Teaching of Art
  • EDUC 3890 Student Teaching and Seminar in Art: Secondary
  • EDUC 3900 Student Teaching and Seminar in Art: Elementary