Several minors are available through the English Department. Each one offers a specialized area of concentration to supplement your major in another department.

English Minor​

The general English minor offers courses in writing, literature and language studies.

Required courses

ENGL 2200: Introduction to Literary Theory and Research
Two writing courses (at least one at the 3000 level or above)
Three literature courses (at least one at the 3000 level or above)

Language Studies Minor

The language studies minor focuses on grammar, linguistics and syntax.

Required courses

ENGL 2450: Language in Society
ENGL 2480: History and Structure of the English Language
ENGL 3050: Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 3100: Language as Power
ENGL 4490: Topics in Language Studies

Recommended supporting courses

ENGL 2050: Rhetorical Grammar
ENGL 2200: Introduction to Literary Theory and Research

Professional Writing Minor

This minor provides you with additional background in professional-level writing.

Required courses

ENGL 2040: Introduction to Professional Writing
ENGL 205:0 Rhetorical Grammar
Three other writing courses (at least two at the 3000 level or above)
One language course

Recommended supporting courses

ENGL 4604: Internship

Integrated Marketing, Communications and Design Minor


MKTG 2300: Principles of Marketing
MKTG 2350: Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 3300: Interactive Marketing—Social Networks, Multimedia, and SEO
SALE 2300: Introduction to Selling

Plus Two Design Classes from the following lists

INDI 1120: Design and Society
ART 2250: Art and Technology
ART 3XXX: Photography and Digital Storytelling
ART 3150: Publication and Computer Design
ART 3180: Illustration and Computer Design
ART 3200: Graphic and Web Design

ART classes offered in the evening will be crosslisted for Day and Evening/Weekend/Online students.

Women and the Arts​

You can also enhance your education in English or another St. Kate's major with the Women and the Arts minor.

This minor offers a hybrid critical and creative approach to art, gender and community with flexible, cross-listed courses.