RN-BS Course Scheduling



RN-BS Course Scheduling

In our blended evening/online nursing course schedule, you'll start the one-year nursing course sequence in September, proceed through the series of courses with a cohort of nurses and finish the following summer.

Each cohort is a collegial group of experienced nurses. You'll be supported by a close-knit group of fellow nurses who move through the program with you. You'll be known, mentored and coached by faculty members who guide you along the way.

You'll take one focused course at a time. Most courses meet one evening each week in a classroom. Online learning takes place between each classroom session. This blended learning gives you the best of both worlds — greater flexibility of online coursework and fewer classroom meetings, while preserving the value of face-to-face learning communities:

  • Fall, 1st half semester (September-October)
  • Fall, 2nd half semester (November-December)
  • January term
  • Spring, 1st half semester (February-March)
  • Spring, 2nd half semester April-May
  • Summer Session I

Face-to-face meetings take place on our St. Paul campus. St. Kate's also collaborates with leading healthcare providers to offer the program on site at regional hospitals.

Schedule for Liberal Arts courses: Evening/Weekend/Online

Many students enter the University prior to the nursing course sequence to take liberal arts courses. This may be a year or it could be only one term. Your situation depends on how many liberal arts courses you need to complete and how many you choose to take at one time.

You'll also need to consider how to balance college with your work and life obligations. Because of the intensity of the first months of a nursing job, newly employed nurses often wait to begin the 22-credit Nursing sequence.

You'll select liberal arts courses from St. Kate's menu of Evening/Weekend/Online bachelor's courses. Face-to-face meetings alternate with online meetings. In fall and spring, you'll select from full-semester (15-week) and half-semester (7.5-week) courses. Learning continues in summer session and January term.

Learn more about scheduling for liberal arts and elective courses available through Evening/Weekend/Online at St. Kate's.