Collaborative Research



Collaborative Research

Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP)

The Assistantship Mentoring Program is a scholarly community made up of a wide range of students who have been awarded competitive, challenging, well-paid assistantships to work collaboratively with a faculty or staff educator as a teaching assistant, research collaborator, or program collaborator.  Assistants gain unique and personal hands on experiences that strengthen their academic and professional careers, apply their liberal arts education within a working environment, and widen their horizons regarding career possibilities and community contributions. 

Undergraduate Collaborative Research

In the Undergraduate Collaborative Research program students engage in meaningful collaboration with faculty — from conceptualizing the project, to doing the work, to sharing that work with experts in the discipline. With students as the junior colleagues alongside their professors, they work together as a team. There are opportunities for students and faculty in all disciplines. Learn more »

3M Student-Faculty Collaborative Grants

3M Student-Faculty Collaborative Grants provide opportunities for student-faculty collaborative research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These grants help students develop laboratory and leadership skills for graduate school and professional careers, and help faculty advance their research or pilot new projects. Small-scale grants typically provide summer or one-semester support, while large-scale grants provide up to two years of support. Learn more »

Seeking something different?

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) engages and supports University faculty, staff and students to advance research, scholarship and its impacts on our communities. ORSP supports faculty members in designing studies, attracting partners, and securing funding. ORSP subsequently supports faculty in hiring and paying student research associates through grant, contract and partner funding and ensures they complete training in mentor-mentee relationships and research ethics to promote collaborative science. ORSP also serves as Administrator of St. Kate’s Institutional Review Board and leads the Research Integrity Committee, which establishes University policy and oversee mandatory education in human subjects research for student and faculty advisors.