Construction Update - week of May 27, 2014



Construction Update - week of May 27, 2014

Butler Center Expansion/Fontbonne Hall Renovation
Construction Update - May 27, 2014


Last week: (or work done so far)

Site Work-

  • Some equipment has been brought on site.
  • Test demolition sites have occurred for discovery of conditions.
  • Awaiting Permit acceptance from the City Planners.
  • Utility marking has been staked in the construction area.
  • The Churn committee was active in making arrangements for faculty and staff who need to be working during the construction period.

Safety - 

The construction perimeter has been posted.  Please honor the limits of this and for your safety, please stay clear of the construction zone.


This week:

  • Construction begins.
  • Perimeter and safety zones will be set up.
  • Delivery of more equipment and setup of a construction crane.
  • Earthwork commences.
  • Demolition inside Fontbonne begins.

Next week:

  • Footings (partial) will be poured in an area near a new electrical transformer.
  • Materials will be coming on site to begin erecting walls.
  • Window removal in the Fontbonne gym area.


Two-Week Outlook:

  • There will be a 12-hour power outage.  This is scheduled to occur on Sunday, June 15th, beginning at approximately 12 noon.  Power will first be out at Butler Center and Fontbonne (Prior to noon) and these two buildings will also be the last two to be powered back up.  Much of the campus won't experience a full 12-hour shutdown, but preparation should occur if this is the case.  Please watch the Daily Update for further details.
  • Wall construction will be underway inside Fontbonne gym.