Construction Update - week of May 7, 2014



Construction Update - week of May 7, 2014

Butler Center  Expansion/Fontbonne Hall Renovation
Construction Update  - May 7, 2014


Welcome to the Construction Update page for our work in Butler Center and Fontbonne Hall. 

During the summer/fall of 2014, please follow this page for an on-going description of the major accomplishments and projects.  

We will update with the following:

work done last week, work scheduled to occur this week, and finally with what is expected in the weeks to come.


Last week: (or work done so far)

Site Work-

  • Trees have been removed and survey work is completed.
  • Electrical preparations have been made for a major modification  to the electrical supplies  of both buildings.
  • Permit review meetings  have occurred  with the City Planners.

Safety - This topic will remain & any safety items to report will be posted here.

This week:

  • Churn meetings  begin.
  • Testing of some existing building conditions  will be needed.  The new structure will attach  to Butler Center and confirmation is necessary  to assure the integrity.
  • Interiors  meetings  are occurring with user groups  from Faculty and Athletics.
  • Physical condition meetings  are occurring regarding electrical, mechanical, and building hardware,  etc.

Next week:

  • Moving some of the storage items from in and around  the construction areas.
  • Logistical meetings  with Public Safety and Contractor  regarding vehicle and pedestrian traffic, parking, site safety, etc.


Two-Week Outlook:

  • Removal of large rocks and any plantings  from the area.
  • Some scaffolding  setups  in the Fontbonne gym.
  • Nothing else that would deter from a successful  commencement exercise.