Construction Update - week of August 11, 2014



Construction Update - week of August 11, 2014

Butler Center Expansion/Fontbonne Hall Renovation

Construction Update – August 11, 2014


Last week:

  • All Fontbonne window frames and glass are complete (except one)
  • Footings for the Training Center continue, approximately 50% complete
  • Footings for the Fontbonne elevator are ready for the wall construction
  • Butler Center front entry is fire-proofed and block walls are assembling
  • Fontbonne walls are mostly painted, ceiling grid and light fixtures installed
  • Butler pool lobby floor tile is approximately 50% installed

Safety – No incidents or accidents to report.  Space is getting tighter with wall construction occurring outside so crews are being extra cautious.

This week:

  • Carpet begins Tuesday in Fontbonne, ceramic tile will be installed in the restrooms
  • Face brick and front entry stairs will install in Butler
  • There will be a water shutdown in Butler/Fontbonne Tuesday, August 12 approximately 8 hours to test, purge and connect the new water supply line
  • Exterior wall tip-ups will begin on the three-story Wednesday

Next week:

  • Ceilings will be filled-in with tile, electrical outlets installed, initial cleanup of the classroom spaces begins
  • Ceiling grid in the corridors of Fontbonne will be installed, lighting will drop-in, then carpet
  • Restroom partitions and fixtures will be installed in Fontbonne
  • Stair installation, window frames and closing-up the Butler front entry stairs
  • Air conditioning unit startup