Construction Update - week of July 28, 2014



Construction Update - week of July 28, 2014

Butler Center Expansion/Fontbonne Hall Renovation

Construction Update – July 28, 2014

Last week:

  • Fontbonne window installation West side is complete
  • Footings for the three-story are shaping up
  • Soil correction began for the Wildcat Training Center
  • Steel erection began for the Butler Center front entry
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Sprinkler crews nearing completion in Fontbonne
  • Safety – No incidents or accidents to report.

This week:

  • Butler front entry exteriors shape-up
  • Fontbonne windows will continue on the east side – glass for the arched tops has arrived and will be installed as crews and equipment are available
  • Fontbonne wall finishes will start with taping and painting
  • Foundation footings continue for the 3-story construction. Wall outlines can now be seen

Next week:

  • Fontbonne windows will complete.
  • Exterior walls will begin being erected on the 3-story construction.
  • Fontbonne walls will near completion. Painting and carpet will start
  • Footings for the Fontbonne elevator will be poured.  Walls will begin taking shape
  • Soil corrections and foundation preparations will be evident for the Wildcat Training Center