Construction Update - week of August 18, 2014



Construction Update - week of August 18, 2014

Butler Center Expansion/Fontbonne Hall Renovation

Construction Update – August 18, 2014

Last week:

  • Fontbonne classrooms are carpeted & lights are working
  • Footings for the Training Center continue, approximately 85% complete
  • Fontbonne elevator is defined in the footings, wall penetrations on 1 & 2 are opened
  • Butler Center front entry has stairs and window frames (no glass)
  • Butler 1st floor offices are roughed-in and drywall is taped.
  • Steel erection started inside the 3-story construction area

Safety – No incidents or accidents to report. Space is getting tighter with wall construction occurring outside so crews are being extra cautious.

This week:

  • Fontbonne restroom ceramic tile and toilet/sink fixtures
  • Fontbonne corridors will get ceilings, lighting and carpet
  • Exterior wall tip-ups will begin on the three-story Monday
  • Sidewalks at Butler south entrance will be re-formed and landscaping begins

Next week:

  • Furniture and AV installation in the Fontbonne classrooms
  • Construction cleanup begins
  • Fontbonne restroom final touches
  • Steel framework inside the 3-story and decking each floor level will be on-going
  • Air conditioning unit startup and balancing in Fontbonne
  • NOTICE to campus community:
  • Gas line repair in the quad near Mendel – Thursday/Friday
  • Fire hydrant repair near Stanton/Crandall - Tuesday