Construction Update - week of June 2, 2014



Construction Update - week of June 2, 2014

Butler Center Expansion/Fontbonne Hall Renovation

Construction Update – June 2, 2014

Last week: (or work done so far)

Site work - 

  • Equipment has been delivered and earthwork has begun.
  • Grading Permit has been okayed from the City Planners.
  • Demolition has begun in the Fontbonne gym. Several window frames have been removed.
  • Doors have been blocked and the construction perimeter is posted.

Safety -  there are no incidents or accidents to report

This week:

  • Demolition in Fontbonne continues.  Wall stud construction to begin.
  • Footings will be poured in some areas to accommodate site utilities.
  • Other soil corrections will be made in preparation for the buildings.

Next week:

  • Preparations for the Power Outage on June 15.
  • Butler Center will be closed June 14 with power out to complete advance work prior to the power outage.  All is expected to return to normal on Monday morning, June 16.
  • The crane will be coming on site to begin erecting walls.
  • Window removal in the Fontbonne gym area to follow the demolition of the dance studio.

Two-Week Outlook:

  • There will be a 12-hour power outage.  This is scheduled to occur on Sunday, June 15 beginning at approximately 12 Noon.  Power will be out first at Butler Center and Fontbonne (Saturday) and these two buildings will also be the last two to be powered back up.  Much of the campus won’t experience a full 12-hour shutdown, but preparation should occur if this is the case.  Please watch the Daily Update for further details.
  • Wall construction will be underway inside the Fontbonne gym.
  • Electrical rough-in will follow the stud-wall erection, then drywall will commence.