Construction Updates - NOTE - Campus wide Power Outage June 15th!



Construction Updates - NOTE - Campus wide Power Outage June 15th!

Please NOTE!!  

Power Outage Scheduled for June 15th beginning at noon for approximately 12-hours.

The construction of the Butler Center expansion/Fontbonne remodeling requires some major electrical relocation.

Because of this, the campus will experience an approximate 12-hour shutdown of all power to the buildings. In order to complete this work with as little disruption to the campus community, it is scheduled to occur on Sunday, June 15, beginning at Noon. More news will follow as the date draws near. This will involve controlled shutdown of many campus systems, including network, air conditioning, lighting and air handling which may have to occur prior to the noon shutdown. It will also require controlled shutdown of individual systems in offices like personal computers, printers and copiers. People should consider the contents of small refrigerators and any other items that may be affected by a brief period without electrical power.  Much of the work will occur during daylight hours at this time of year and some of the buildings could be powering back up in less than the 12-hour period. The computer server equipment should continue running on standby generator power, but accessible only from off-campus locations.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  

Any questions and concerns can be addressed through the Facilities Department at 651-690-6523.