Construction Update - week of June 9, 2014



Construction Update - week of June 9, 2014

Butler Center Expansion/Fontbonne Hall Renovation

Construction Update – June 9, 2014

Last week:

  • Most demolition in Fontbonne is complete, wall construction started.
  • The pad for the new power transformer is poured.
  • Most of the window frames have been removed.

Safety – No incidents or accidents to report.

This week:

  • New sidewalk will be poured along the south edge of Butler Center for entrance to the Coaches Hallway.
  • New ramping and sidewalk will be constructed for entrance to the Music building.
  • Butler Center will be closed June 14 with power out to complete advance work prior to the power outage.  All is expected to return to normal on Monday morning, June 16.  More details below.

Next week:

  • Footings for the 3-story will be prepared for the erection of walls.
  • Fontbonne classrooms will begin to take shape.  The first window frame replacement may occur as a preliminary fitting.
  • The crane will be coming on site to begin erecting walls.
  • Footings and wall construction will begin on the Butler front stairway.
  • Power Outage Details:
  • Saturday June 14, the power will be turned off in Butler and Fontbonne to facilitate switching these buildings to a new transformer.
  • Sunday June 15, power will be brought down in several buildings, one-at-a-time in the morning.  Power will remain in the Chapel till noon.
  • Campus-wide, the power will be turned off at approximately 12 noon.
  • Electrical crews will be working to make the necessary changes for the next several hours.  New connections have to be made and tested prior to allowing the power to be re-energized.
  • Once given the go-ahead, power will begin to be turned on, first to the main switch, then one-by-one back into the buildings.  This would be by about 6pm if all goes according to plan.  Be aware that the safety of the crews and the reliability of the connections is paramount.  If there are delays, it is with good reason.
  • The last two buildings coming back up again will be Butler and Fontbonne, but both are expected to be operational along with the entire campus by normal working hours on Monday morning June 16.
  • Please power down all computers and printers before leaving on Friday afternoon.
  • Please be sure to empty any contents from refrigerators to avoid spoilage.
  • Please do not attempt to come to campus during the power outage.  Access to buildings will be restricted and only those personnel with job assignments should be on-site.