Construction Update - week of June 16, 2014



Construction Update - week of June 16, 2014

Butler Center Expansion/Fontbonne Hall Renovation

Construction Update – June 16, 2014

Last week:

  • Fontbonne wall construction is well under-way.
  • The new power transformer has been set.
  • The power switch-over to the new transformer is completed but the main switchgear has not yet been accomplished.
  • The front stairwell of Butler Center has been removed.

Safety – No incidents or accidents to report.

This week:

  • New sidewalk and ramping will be created for the coaches entrance to Butler and the south entrance to the Music Building.
  • Foundation work will begin for the new stairwell in Butler.
  • Foundation footings will begin to be set for the 3-story construction.
  • Stud walls in Fontbonne will be sheet-rocked on one side in preparation for the electrical installations

Next week:

  • Wall construction begins for the Butler south stairwell.
  • Foundation footings will continue for the 3-story construction.
  • Fontbonne classroom walls will continue with electrical installations and sheetrock.

Power Outage Update:

  • Due to the storms and several power outages throughout the Twin Cities Saturday, Xcel Energy was unable to conduct the planned power outage on Sunday for the St. Paul Campus construction project.  A great deal of good work was accomplished during the individual building shutdowns, but the main switchgear work could not be completed.  It will be necessary to coordinate the next and soonest opportunity to schedule another power outage and your continued assistance will be appreciated.  We apologize for the inconvenience this work causes, but these circumstances are beyond our control.  Please continue your patience and cooperation as we work to complete this necessary work with as little disruption as possible.