Power Outage UPDATE!!



Power Outage UPDATE!!

As you may know, due to the storms and several power outages throughout the Twin Cities on June 14, Xcel Energy was unable to conduct the planned power outage June 15th for the St. Paul Campus construction project. A great deal of good work was accomplished during the individual building shutdowns, but the main switchgear work could not be completed.

Because of this, we have had to reschedule time to complete the necessary electrical work and will again experience a scheduled campus wide power outage in the evening of June 24th. 

The shutdown of building systems will begin tonight, with adjustments to work around a few classes that are scheduled into the evening.

  • Building HVAC systems will be shut down.
  • Building elevators will be shut down.
  • Building data systems will be shut down.
  • Buildings will be evacuated systematically (or confirmation of buildings as unoccupied)

The expected order of building closures is: (times are approximate)

  • 6:30- Music, O'Shaughnessy, Fontbonne, and Art
  • 7:00- Derham, and Chapel
  • 7:30- Speech ( assuming the class in speech ends at 7pm) and Frey.
  • 9:30- Whitby, Butler, CDC, Mendel (assuming we don't have any issues with the professor in rm 30 of Mendel)

Facilities and I.T. will handle the controlled shutdown of many campus systems, including network, air conditioning, lighting and air handling.  Individuals will need to be sure and manage a controlled shutdown of systems in offices like personal computers, printers and copiers. People should consider the contents of small refrigerators and any other items that may be affected by a brief period without electrical power.

Electrical Crews are expected to work through the night.  When the power can come back up, the order is reversed:
Building data systems will be started up.
Building HVAC and elevators will be re-energized.

If all goes according to plan, everything scheduled for Wednesday, June 25 can go on normally.  Regardless of what may occur, the Construction Update will contain news to inform faculty, staff and students what to expect on arrival in the morning.

The computer server equipment should continue running on standby generator power, but accessible only from off-campus locations.

Be sure to Check the St. Kate's homepage Construction Updates button Wednesday morning and sign up for St. Kate's Alert to receive text message updates on your phone.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter, questions and concerns can be addressed through the Facilities Department at 651-690-6196.