Work Requests and Setting Priority +



Work Requests and Setting Priority +

Submitting Work Requests

You can submit a work request in the following ways:

  • Online FIXX IT form »
    Complete the form, including a description of the problem. Submit the form and you'll get a reply when the form is received in the Facilities Office.
  • Call the FIXX Line 651.690.3499 or email (non-emergency fix requests).
    When sending a request or leaving a message on the FIXX Line, please provide your:
    • name
    • telephone number
    • building and office/room number
    • the exact nature of the problem/work requested
  • Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. call the main Facility Management number 651.690.6523.
  • Emergencies call 651.690.8888. 

Determining Work Request Priority

Facilities Management has established the following priorities for work responses to insure that the most critical needs are met first.

Priority #1 Hazards to life, health, and property

Work required to provide or restore adequate security to the facility, to eliminate hazards to life or health (safety) or to protect valuable property (e.g., security, emergency locks). Expect that this work will be given immediate attention and resolved within 2 hours of call or arrangements are made to allow the situation to be accomplished in a timely manner.

Priority #2 Essential support

Work needed to accomplish the institution’s primary objectives (teaching, learning and research), to prevent a breakdown of essential operation or housekeeping functions or to improve the operating performance of a necessary system (e.g., general repair work). Note: This could become a Priority #1 if the request is determined to be essential to University operations. Expect that this work will be given proper attention to determine the scope and that three to five days for completion may be allowed to fit the work in among the normal, daily duties of the staff.

Priority #3 New programs

Alterations or additions required to accommodate experimental programs, revised teaching approaches, added functions or reorganization (e.g., new office, office moves). Please allow up to two weeks for completion of work given priority #3.

Priority #4 Desirable

Convenience and environmental items not qualifying for higher priority (e.g., hanging pictures, bulletin boards, coat hooks, etc.) Please allow up to three weeks for action on work given priority #4.