Stephanie Lesko '08



Stephanie Lesko '08

Milwaukee, Wis.

Doubling up: Stephanie majored in both apparel design and fashion merchandising.

Staying busy: “After finishing two majors and three minors in four years, having just one thing on my mind is impossible for me.”

Outside the classroom: Stephanie was part of FCNS Club, helping to plan the annual Katwalk Fashion Show and also worked on theater productions at St. Kate’s.

First job: Two weeks after graduation, Stephanie got a call from a corporate recruiter from The Bon Ton Stores, Inc. She now works in private label shoes, working with products from the development stage to the time they hit the shelves.

The perfect fit: “My job fits in between both of my majors. I learned about materials, design and construction and also merchandising and product development — everything I learned applied to what I’m doing now. Everyday, there’s something where I can say, ‘Yeah, I learned that at St. Kate’s.’”

A tailor-made education: Stephanie credits her professors at St. Kate’s for helping shape her education. “At St. Kate’s I could go to my professors and tailor my projects to my interests. And I could always go to them for help — they’re here to help you and answer your questions.”

From Katwalk to the catwalk: Preparing her line for the runway at St. Kate’s now helps her in the real world. After showing her senior line in the Katwalk Fashion Show at St. Kate’s, Stephanie's work has been selected for shows in Milwaukee, including The Fashion Revolution. “I use my portfolio that I produced at St. Kate’s when I apply to show my new designs.”

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