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St. Kate's fashion merchandising major blends liberal arts courses, such as fine arts and psychology, with rigorous courses in fashion and business administration.

If you want to own a business or retail store, combine this major with a degree in small business/entrepreneurship or apparel design.

Below is a sample academic plan. You can work with an advisor to tailor the courses to your interest.


CORE 1000: The Reflective Woman*
PHIL/THEO: Philosophy or theology course*
HIST: History course*
LANG/LIT: Foreign language or literature course*
FASH 2150: Sociocultural Aspects of Clothing
MKTG 2300: Intro. to Marketing or SALE 2330: Intro. to Selling
WOST/CRST: Women's studies or critical studies course*
LANG/ART: Foreign language or fine arts course*


FASH 2050: Textiles
ACCT 2100: Financial Accounting
MATH: Math course*
LANG/LIT: Foreign language or literature course*
FASH 2100: Apparel Construction
ACCT 2130: Managerial Accounting
MGMT 2400: Principles of Management
FASH 3100: History of Costume


FASH 4100: History of Fashion
MKTG 4300: Advanced Marketing
PHIL/THEO: Philosophy or theology course*
Laboratory science course*
MRCH 3200: Technical Garment Analysis
PHIL/THEO: Philosophy or theology course*
BUSI: Business administration elective
EXSS: Exercise and sport science activity course*


CORE 3990: Global Search for Justice*
MRCH 3300: Non-Store Retailing
MRCH 4850: Fashion Merchandising Seminar
SOCI/PSYC: Social science course*
MRCH 4604: Internship
MRCH 3400: Visual Merchandising & Trend Analysis
EXSS: Exercise and sport science activity course*

Writing requirement​

Fashion merchandising majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing FASH 2150. You complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with three other writing intensive courses (CORE 1000: The Reflective Woman and CORE 3990: Global Search for Justice, and one other writing intensive course in this or another department).

Minor in Business Administration

Fashion merchandising majors must take marketing and management courses; automatically satisfying the requirements for a minor in business administration.

You may also choose a minor in studio art, communications or psychology to prepare for careers in design, product development, merchandising, buying, management, fashion writing or fashion consulting.

Alumna Stephanie Lesko double-majored in fashion merchandising and apparel design, and triple-minored in business, art and theater. She is the assistant product manager at The Bon Ton Stores, Inc.

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