Costs & Financial Aid



Costs & Financial Aid

Semester or Year-Long Program Costs

In the Office of Global Studies affordability is a priority. While it is difficult to generalize about the costs of studying abroad, most of the semester program options available to St. Kate's students are similar to or less than the cost of tuition, room and board for a semester at St. Kate's. Study abroad program costs include a program fee, which you will see published on the program's website. In most cases the program fee includes tuition, housing, on-site support, and insurance. In addition to the program fee, you should also budget for additional costs such as airfare, books, and personal expenses. You do not pay any St. Kate's tuition for the semester or year that you are abroad.

When studying abroad as a St. Kate's student you will pay the program fees, any additional costs not included in the program fee, plus a St. Kate's study abroad administrative fee. Many factors influence costs: local cost of living, length and type of program, and fluctuating exchange rates. Determine your needs and interests, then compare the features and costs of programs to find the best match. The Office of Global Studies can assist you when comparing program costs.

Short-Term Program Costs

For most short-term programs — including January term and summer programs — you will pay a program fee plus a St. Kate's study abroad administrative fee. The program fee typically includes tuition, airfare, accommodation, some meals, land transportation, and excursions. The cost of an embedded program (a regular semester, summer, or January course with a shorter off-campus component "embedded" into the term) varies by location. Students pay on-campus tuition plus a program fee.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

You are eligible to use your St. Kate's financial aid — grants, loans, and scholarships — to pay for study abroad program costs. Some exceptions apply, including work study and tuition remission. Students not currently receiving financial aid may be eligible for student loans.

For a January-term course you may use your Spring semester financial aid package to help cover the cost. For summer programs, you may be eligible for financial aid, but, as the conditions vary depending on the individual, it is best to check in with your Financial Aid advisor early on in the process to determine what you have available.

For financial aid to apply to your study abroad costs, you must be approved to study abroad by the Office of Global Studies and you must be enrolled full-time. Undergraduates must enroll in at least 12 credits abroad to be eligible to use financial aid. Some grants, such as the Minnesota State Grant, require you to take at least 15 credits per semester to avoid a decreased grant amount. Graduate students, generally, must enroll for a minimum of six credits to be considered full-time. You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Renewal Application and the St. Catherine University Financial Aid Application as you would each year. Forms are available each January and should be submitted by April 15 for priority consideration for funding for the following school year. For more information on how to apply for Financial Aid go to the 4 Steps to Apply for Financial Aid page.

Students should consult with the Office of Global Studies and the Financial Aid office for details on their particular situation.

Scholarships for study abroad

Many semester and year-long study abroad programs offer merit and need-based scholarships. Unfortunately, there are very few scholarships available for short-term programs.

The Office of Global Studies can assist you with identifying and applying for study abroad scholarships. Many scholarships require very early application. For example, some scholarship application deadlines occur each spring whether you will be abroad the following fall or the following spring. Advance planning is important when applying for scholarships.

The Office of Global Studies has compiled a preliminary list of lucrative scholarships, we encourage you to search for additional funds independently.