Graduate Students



Graduate Students


The global experiences available to you as a graduate student are typically quite different from undergraduate study abroad programs. The time you intend to spend abroad is usually closely linked to your graduate field, and it will often serve to enhance your future career or may be used as a basis for deeper graduate research. In all of these cases, the Office of Global Studies will work closely with you to help facilitate your experience abroad.

You may have studied abroad as an undergraduate, or wish you taken the opportunity. In many of our graduate programs, studying abroad is an option, especially on a short-term program. It is also possible to set up an independent study, internship or clinical experience abroad.

Why study abroad as a graduate student?

  • Continue to prepare yourself for the global marketplace.
  • Develop cultural competency.
  • Enhance your current career or future doctoral school opportunities.
  • Gain insight and appreciation for other countries and cultures.
  • Better understand U.S. culture in a comparative context.

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