How to Apply for J-Term



How to Apply for J-Term

How to apply for a J-term

There are several types of J-term courses that St. Kate's students may apply for.  The application process is slightly different depending on the sponsor of the program, so they will be addressed separately. 

SCU Faculty-led Programs (GSJ)

Most commonly, the J-term abroad courses offered by St. Kate's faculty are for GSJ credit. Students who want to take an SCU sponsored J-Term course must fill out the SCU short-term programs application. 

UMAIE-sponsored courses

SCU belongs to a consortium called UMAIE (Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education).  There are four other schools in UMAIE (St. Thomas, Gustavus Adolphus, Augustana in S. Dakota, and Elmhurst College in Chicago). The UMAIE course offerings cannot be used to fulfill GSJ credit.

Outside program provider (HECUA, CC-CS, etc.)

Students who would like to apply for a J-term program through an outside program provider (i.e., not led by St. Kate's faculty) please contact the Office of Global Studies.