Internationalization +

Internationalization +

For St. Catherine University, internationalizing the curriculum and campus starts with educating women to lead and influence. This mission has been at the heart of St. Catherine University since the founding Sisters of St. Joseph recognized the need to educate women to look outward, understand the world’s needs, and make a commitment to social justice.

The philosophy of global learning at St. Catherine University grows organically from the distinctive characteristics of a St. Kate’s education—which began with a strong baccalaureate program for women, and has expanded to offer associate and graduate degrees to women and men—and aims to provide academic excellence to a diverse student body as well as a deep understanding of the essential connection between education and action.

Building upon this foundation, internationalization will incorporate global learning and global experiences into the fabric of our institutional structure at all degree levels and across all the colleges and schools in order to engage students in the active development of global perspectives.

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Internationalization Vision

Honoring our historic mission of educating students to lead and  influence, St. Catherine University will integrate global learning  throughout our curriculum and institution, developing substantive  international and intercultural knowledge to prepare students for global leadership grounded in social responsibility.

St. Kate's Learning Goals for Cultural Competence and Global Perspectives

  1. Knowledge of critical world issues and the ability to analyze and incorporate multiple perspectives

  2. Awareness of their own cultural values and traditions and understanding that they exist in a complex and interdependent web of cultures and countries

  3. Effective communication across languages and cultures

  4. Preparation for global leadership grounded in an understanding of social responsibility