Follow-up paperwork

Follow-up paperwork

Semester and year-long programs

The following is a checklist regarding the follow-up paperwork for students going abroad for a semester or year.  Copies of the forms listed are available in the Office of Global Studies:

  • Copy of your letter of acceptance (if by e-mail, please forward it to our office)
  • Study Abroad Estimate of Expenses: Complete this form (you may consult with a study abroad advisor, a representative of your program, and/or your program website in order to complete the form).
  • Financial Aid/Student Billing arrangements made: Take your completed SCU Study Abroad Estimate of Expenses to a financial aid counselor. After they complete their side of the Billing Agreement, take it and your Estimate of Expenses to Student Accounts so that you are clear how your program bills will be paid. You are responsible for handing these completed forms, along with your program invoice, into Student Accounts. Note:  all students studying off-campus will be assessed an administrative fee as follows: Year - $350, Semester - $250, Summer/J-Term - $150
  • Course equivalency form: Credit you earn on approved study abroad programs will normally fulfill residence credits towards graduation. Credit earned may be applied toward major, minor or liberal arts core requirements with the approval of the chair of the department. Use the course equivalency form to gain signatures prior to departure.
  • Health information form: The purpose of this form is to determine your health history and any special medical needs you may have during your study abroad experience. This information does not affect your admission into the program. Physical exam required within 6 months prior to leaving for study abroad.
  • Copy of your passport : not required for domestic programs
  • Emergency Information and Insurance form : Students who do not have insurance through St. Kate's are required to purchase the ISIC (International Student Identity Card). This card offers student discounts on travel, museum/theater fees, hotels, tours, etc. It also provides limited medical coverage while you are abroad. For more information on the coverage please see the section on Insurance. Some programs will provide students with this or similar coverage. Students are responsible for checking with their program.  
  • Registration form : You will receive this from the Office of the Registrar during an orientation session, it is to be completed and handed in at that time.

Additional planning for semester abroad

  1. Apply for a passport if you do not have one OR if it will expire within 6 months of your return date.
  2. Complete visa application (where necessary; your program will provide instructions)
  3. Research courses you would like to take overseas (if this wasn't a part of your application)
  4. Prepare travel plans, purchase ticket
  5. Complete all necessary paperwork for program provider, (either by mail or on-line).
  6. Attend mandatory study abroad orientation sessions.

Short-term programs

Upon your acceptance you will receive a formal acceptance letter along with additional information regarding the travel itinerary, billing, orientation dates and follow-up paperwork.

Follow-up paperwork: SCU Faculty-led program

For students participating in a St. Kate's Faculty-led course (GSJ, Fashion, Perspectives of Health),  the following forms are needed:

Packet II includes:


  • 2 copies of your passport (if not already submitted with application); not required for domestic programs
  • 1 recent casual photo to be used for emergency purposed while abroad
  • Additional forms as needed for specific courses: airline agreement, visa application and materials, etc. Please see your acceptance letter for details.

Additional documents for your information: