Course Proposal Review Process and Timelines



Course Proposal Review Process and Timelines

All faculty wanting to offer a course abroad or that travels within the U.S. will submit a course proposal to be reviewed and approved by the Global Studies Advisory Committee. The committee will review the connection between course learning goals and on-site activities, logistics, viability of travel and geographic areas and other issues related to teaching a course abroad. They may make recommendations or request revisions. If there are more acceptable proposals than can be administered, the committee will select a group that represents a broad geographic and discipline distribution.

The intent of the course proposal is to elicit what you want students to learn from your course, how they will learn it, and how the location and on-site activities will enhance the learning. Be as explicit as possible about course goals, teaching methodology, requirements, and assessment. It is understood that the integrated syllabus (an academic syllabus plus itinerary) may need to be revised as logistical arrangements and course content are determined.

A course proposal must be submitted each time a course is to be offered--following the timelines below.

Instructors who intend for courses to satisfy a department, CORE, or general education requirement should first consult with the appropriate department/committee chair before submitting a proposal to the advisory committee. Faculty who wish to propose a course that will fulfill the GSJ requirement must also submit the proposal to the GSJ CORE committee and the course topic must be within an existing pod.

See timelines for deadlines to submit "Statement of Intent" and Course Proposals.

Statement of Intent Form

For course proposal forms for all Global Studies courses, please contact the Office of Global Studies and we will send you the form. (This includes proposals for GSJ, UMAIE, and all other St. Kate's faculty-led courses.)

Global Studies Course Proposal Criteria


The lead time to propose, prepare, and promote a global studies course  is typically 18 - 24 months before the course takes place. The timetables below include dates and deadlines.

2016 J-term and Spring Embedded Course Timetable.pdf

2016 Summer Embedded Course Timetable.pdf

2017 J-term and Spring Embedded Course Timetable.pdf

2017 Summer Embedded Course Timetable.pdf