Faculty Leader Responsibilities



Faculty Leader Responsibilities

The efforts of the faculty leader are the single largest determining factor in the success or failure of a study abroad program. Being a faculty leader requires a tremendous commitment of time and effort. A successful faculty leader must enjoy working with students and possess strong administrative skills. S/he must be comfortable in providing basic student counseling and in taking disciplinary action, if necessary. In addition, the faculty leader should be familiar with the host country and its culture, and have a basic understanding of the native language.

The faculty leader has significantly more authority and responsibility than s/he would at the home campus.

During this whole process the Office of Global Studies is available to answer questions and assist the faculty as they prepare for the program, facilitate the program, and evaluate after the program.

More details about proposing a faculty-led program are available in the Global Studies Faculty Handbook.  

Please feel free to contact the Director of Global Studies at 651.690.6055 or at ccspaeth@stkate.edu for more information.