Returning to Campus: Registration and Housing



Returning to Campus: Registration and Housing

Registering for the following term from abroad

Registering for Fall or Winter term:  Students planning to study abroad should meet with their advisor prior to leaving in order to discuss what courses to take upon returning to campus.  Study abroad students register for the classes via Kateway.  The Office of Global Studies will e-mail you registration information when the time comes to do so.

Registering for Summer term:  Summer term registration for the St. Kate's St. Paul campus will begin in mid-March.  Undergraduate students are required to pay a $100 deposit if they register for summer session.  Registration can be done in the following ways:

  • Pay the deposit online with your credit card and register via Kateway or by e-mail to: (enter "Registration from Abroad" in the subject line)
  • Mail your registration form (printable version available on the Office of the Registrar website) and a $100 check.
  • Arrange to have someone pay the deposit and register for you using the paper registration form. Give that person written authorization to register for you.


The Residence Life office will be present at one of the orientation sessions in order to explain the steps necessary for campus residents prior to leaving on their study abroad program.  Forms will be available at that time and students may ask any questions related to housing on campus. 

Before leaving:  Students living on campus who plan to study abroad must fill out a Petition to Release from the Housing and Dining Agreement form.  Please keep in mind there is a deadline to release without any charges.  In addition, students must arrange a "check-out" with the RA/AA at the end of the semester before leaving.

Returning to campus:  Students who wish to receive campus housing upon their return must complete a Housing and Dining Agreement Form by the posted deadline. This can be found on-line at

If you do not have a roommate for your return to campus, you can use the Roommate Finder located on Kateway.  This is a great way to have a dialogue with other students who are also looking for roommates.

Students must find and designate a proxy for housing sign-up.  A proxy form can be found at (under on-line forms).  Once the form has been completed the person designated as your proxy should have a copy to use as verification when acting on your behalf.  The proxy will then need to attend the housing sign-up at your designated lottery number time.

Your application will be processed and your housing assignment will be mailed to your permanent address in late summer.