Travel and Safety Information



Travel and Safety Information

Flight arrangements and travel

Some semester and year-long program providers offer group flights. You may choose to use them or book a flight on your own.  For most short-term programs, flight arrangements and costs are included in the program fee.

Travel websites

Both of these agencies specialize in student travel. Global Studies does not endorse nor receive compensation for referring you to the links listed below.

Rail passes

Global Studies does not endorse nor receive compensation for referring you to the links listed below.


Rick Steves' European Railpasses


Your personal safety while you are away from home is very important to the St. Catherine University and to your family and friends. While no off-campus program can offer an absolute guarantee of safety from injury or crime, there are many steps you can take to reduce your risks. It is our experience that most of the issues that arise from traveling in today's climate of uncertainty can be addressed by heightened awareness and common sense.

We include here some web resources that offer excellent information about studying, living, and traveling abroad. We encourage you to review this information and to follow precautions set out by your program staff or faculty director.

Consult the U.S. Department of State website for:

Travel advisories for up-to-date information on travel precautions for the country you will be studying in or travelling to. Travel advisories are available at

"Tips on Traveling Abroad"

"Students Abroad"

Register with the U.S. Consulate in your destination city. To find embassy and consulate addresses: Embassy World

Other helpful sites

SAFETI Clearinghouse Safety Handbook  (a comprehensive resource on safety and study abroad)

For information about international travel health, travel clinics, and travel immunizations contact the SCU Health and Wellness Center (651) 690-6714.

For up-to-date health and immunization information for any country or region, visit the Centers for Disease Control site:

International News Sources

Global Studies does not endorse nor receive compensation for referring you to the links below.

International Herald Tribune
The site for "The World's Daily Newspaper" is a wonderful one-stop shop for English-language supplements to global papers. Search the Publishing Partners section or read the paper's own global coverage.
Get current events from major international cities or from individual countries. Among the site's many features are links to hundreds of online radio broadcasts from around the world.

Arts and Letters Daily
Find links to major papers from around the world.

Drugs and Illegal Substances

Penalties for possession of illegal drugs can be very severe in other countries. Once travelers leave the U.S., they are not covered by U.S. laws and have no U.S. constitutional rights. Penalties for drug violations may be severe in other countries and may include long prison sentences without parole.

Alcohol use and customs vary widely among countries. Get to know the alcohol use and customs of your host country. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the local laws and customs and to assume all responsibility for your actions.

Personal medications should be labeled; some are considered narcotics abroad.

The U.S. Consulate or Embassy should be contacted in cases of detention or arrest.