Presentation Proposal Submission



Presentation Proposal Submission

To submit a presentation email the information bellow to or fill out the GusDay Presentation Proposal Form.

You are asked to provide:  presentation title, presenter(s) name(s), position(s), institution(s), a brief description of the presentation, and equipment needed. All time slots will be 45 minutes in length, including time for discussion and questions.  Presentations will be accepted in three categories:

  1. New Topic Presentations
  2. Round Table Discussions
  3. GusDay Reprise: In addition to new topics, we encourage past years' presenters to update us or continue the learning related to prior presentation topics from GusDay2013, GusDay2012 or before.  Let us know if you would like to collaborate with others to revisit a prior topic and we’ll match up interested people.

The deadline for proposal submissions is January 10th.