Dr. Brian Bruess
Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student affairs
St. Catherine University


Gearing Up for Hybrid Teaching and Learning: Faculty PD, Library resources, Accessibility, Tools, IT Support

Dan McQuire And Scott Krajewski, Augsburg College
Target Audience: This session is designed for Program Administrators, providers of faculty Professional Development, and Information Technology support staff.
Learning Outcomes: Attendees will take away Augsburg's experience of developing faculty professional development to accomplish the transition from F2F classes to all Hybrid courses; its inclusion of library staff and resources into the new hybrid model; the extensive work plan of the IT academic services staff; and the attention to accessibility for all learners in the new model.
Format & Technique: The tools used in Augsburg's Hybrid Teaching and Learning will be incorporated into the presentation. Presenters will use the Moodle LMS and VoiceThread to demonstrate how these tools have been utilized in both the staff professional development to prepare faculty for the transition to hybrid teaching and learning, and also in the actual hybrid courses.

Zipper Merge Instructional Design: Using Google Sites to Reduce Backups in Faculty/Designer Collaboration

Mark Henderson & Adam Minnie, University Of Northwestern St. Paul
The differing professional cultures of instructional design specialists and content experts can pose hazards to the course-building process. In this session, discover how we are leveraging Google Sites to align expectations and accelerate collaboration.


How do They See/Hear/Feel That You Care?

Eric M. Larson, University Of St. Thomas
Have you ever gone the extra mile to help people who just don't "get it"? Do you really care about your customers, coworkers or loved ones… yet they don't seem to "feel" that you do? Maybe you're speaking different languages! In this eye-opening presentation for those in customer service and for anyone who is (or has) a supervisor, you'll learn how a simple framework of "love languages" will help you to connect with those around you. Based on Dr. Gary Chapman's best-selling book "The Five Love Languages," this presentation examines the different ways that we feel supported, appreciated, understood or "loved". If you're frustrated when the boss gives you a pat on the back but keeps canceling your weekly meetings, or wonder why users expect you to sit down and watch them follow your instructions, this presentation is for you. You'll see how everyday work – from answering calls about broken printers, to recognizing (or reprimanding) employees – can be more positive and effective when you learn about the different languages hidden around you!


Moodle Analytics roundtable

Eric Strom, Augsburg College
Learning analytics is becoming the new holy grail of performance assessment in higher education. This discussion aims to reveal what data is required and effective for assessment and unearth the tools currently being used or available for the Moodle environment.

Redefining the Document: Unique Uses of Google Drive

Dan Hoisington, Augsburg College
This presentation focuses on uses of Google Drive that exceed word processing and profoundly change the nature of classroom assignments and collaborative workflows including Help Desks. Using forms, embedded documents, and pivot tables and/or scripts, we will demonstrate methods of creating collaborative activities. There will be time for sharing other innovative uses.

LMS Selection in the Era of Enterprise LMS roundtable

Scott Krajewski, Augsburg; Chad Johnson, William Mitchell College And Joel Johnson, University Of Northwestern St. Paul, Nicole Erickson, College of St.Scholastica
Many of our schools adopted LMSes in a time when they were an add-on to our classroom or when online programs were small and new. Now in the era of enterprise LMS, several schools are embarking on an LMS review and possible transition - William Mitchell College of Law, University of Northwestern and The College of St. Scholastica.
We invite you to join a roundtable to (1) learn how they are approaching this institutional change process, (2) share your experiences doing the same, and (3) discuss the future of the LMS

St. Kate iPad Classroom Project

Nick Steffel & Robert Marson, St. Catherine University
This presentation will explain how the St. Kate MLIS program uses a mix of PCs, MacBooks and iPads and discuss some of the issues and challenges involved in administering and maintaining mobile devices in our classrooms. Time will be available to talk about other people's experiences, concerns and technical issues.

Providing Coordinated Support for Digital Humanities at a Liberal Arts College PRESENTATION and roundtable

Nancy Aarsvold, Kasia Gonnerman, Jason Menard, Jason Paul, Ben Gottfried from St. Olaf College and Carly Born & Heather Tompkins, Carleton College
As digital technologies become more integrated into teaching and research, staff in IT and the libraries are developing new collaborative models for supporting digital scholarship and pedagogy. St. Olaf College recently received a grant from the Mellon Foundation to support digital humanities research. As institutions receive such grants, this type of shared support structure between IT professionals and librarians will become even more essential. We invite you to join a round table to hear our plans for supporting digital humanities and to share your own experiences. In particular, we would like to discuss:

  • How to design effective workflows for IT and library staff to provide coordinated support
  • How to provide training for student interns and integrate them into the workflow for faculty support
  • How to create effective lab, classroom, and collaborative spaces for digital scholarship and pedagogy
  • How to organize events that help faculty develop project proposals, increase their skills with digital technologies, and make the current projects more visible to the campus community
  • How to design a website for publicizing and sharing current projects, ideas for projects, technology tutorials, and the support structure
  • How to encourage interdisciplinary, collaborative work between faculty and students in disciplines that have traditionally been primarily concerned with individual scholarship.

Digital Orientation for New Students: Hiding the Tech Behind the Fun roundtable

Phinehas Bynum & Jason Menard, St. Olaf College
Engaging incoming students before and during their on-campus orientation can have beneficial outcomes for both the student and IT. One approach to increasing participation and interest is to make engaging academic tools interesting and fun, i.e. using a Moodle course as a campus scavenger hunt or a Google Doc as a “what you and your roommate(s) are bringing to campus” list. We piloted a Week One digital orientation program this year at St. Olaf and look forward to discussing what we, as IT, can do to better the new student experience, demystify academic tools and resources, and save precious time come the start of the school year.
Digital orientation can help students…

  • Engage with their peers and the college community
  • Discover campus resources and learn where to get help
  • Learn to use tools that will help them in their studies
  • Learn how to connect their Xbox to the networkÖlaptop to the WiFiÖinstall a printerÖetcÖ

Creating Dynamic Online Discussion Forums

Bonnie Tensen & Christy Mattingly, Augsburg College
The forum (or discussion board) function is one of the most frequently used tools in online courses, but too often students are not motivated to meaningfully engage. This presentation offers guidelines (the use of groups, cogent directions, and well-defined assessment criteria) to assist faculty in creating forum assignments that require critical thinking, analysis, and more substantive interaction with peers.

Beyond Lecture Capture: To Boldly Go...

Joe Lipari and Janet Winsand, St. Catherine University
How is your campus using lecture capture? Capabilities of the current systems allow uses beyond the traditional "safety net" for students who missed a class session. See how St. Kate's is expanding the use of lecture capture within the classroom for students and instructors, taking the system into the lab and beyond, and supporting its use by staff as well as faculty across campus.


Google Apps for Education roundtable

Michael Benson, Sadie Heider, and Austin Allman, St. Kate's
Topic starters will include:

  • Is your organization concerned with the NSA revelations regarding Google traffic interception?
  • How is your organization utilizing Google Drive, Sites, and Groups?
  • Is anyone using any of the 100+ "extra" applications available in Google Apps?
  • How do you deal with the short-notice Google experience changes?
  • What are the current security concerns with the Google Apps platform?


The End of Best Effort Wireless: How to Do Your Own Wireless Survey & Design

Mike Benson, Colin Wirth, & Colin Griffith, St. Catherine University
How to use wireless survey tools (some free, some commercial) to do your own wireless survey to objectively evaluate wireless service and plan wireless service expansion. The presentation will review examples from our campus surveys & do a live survey of the presentation room to demonstrate the tools.

Human and Network Management

Rich Graves, Carleton College
Last summer, we rolled out Zabbix for network management, adding things like cross-checking with WebHelpDesk asset inventory and patching/security scan status to the traditional "uptime and capacity" dashboard. But I want to focus on the human factors. How should the system decide and notify that an issue is "critical"? What can you make transparent and useful to the Help Desk and public? Do dashboards motivate compliance with best practices and improve key performance indicators? Note: I do not necessarily have answers.

Using 802.1x to Help Segment Your Network and Protect Your Users

Mike Benson & Colin Wirth, St. Catherine University
St. Catherine University did away with Cisco Clean Access NAC by implementing some simple network-side ACLs and 802.1x profiles. We will be discussing: how we able to meet our security requirements; how the filters and 802.1x profiles were developed; how adoption and user experience has been since; and how we are expanding the capabilities of the system today.

BitLocker Endpoint Encryption: Presentation and roundtable

Colin Wirth, St. Catherine University
St. Catherine University moved from Symantec PGP to Microsoft BitLocker for encryption of its endpoints. We will show the back-end changes necessary to support centralized management of BitLocker, and the deployment process for endpoints. Roundtable discussion to follow the presentation.


Track All the Things! Request Tracking for 2014 and Beyond roundtable

Rachel Weaver And Tanya Pfeffer, Macalester College
What features does your current request-tracking system have that you love? What features do you wish it had? Let's talk about the benefits and challenges of our existing systems, and plan to collaborate after the conference to explore and evaluate new ticketing systems

Print Management roundtable

Greg Wilmer & Kathy O'Neil, University Of St. Thomas
Join your colleagues from other universities in a discussion about print management solutions, student printing quotas, and usage reporting. The University of St. Thomas is evaluating new solutions and will share information about our project to select and implement a new print management system. Come to hear about our experiences and share your own successes, challenges and experience with printing on college campuses.

Managing iOS Devices

Mike McNellis, Saint Mary's University Of Minnesota
iOS devices are proliferating across campuses and present new opportunities and challenges. Learn how Mobile Device Management (MDM) software can improve the quality of service you provide. Examples will be from Casper, an MDM platform from JAMF Software. Concepts presented apply to other platforms.
SMU has an iPad one to one program with their online graduate degree programs and uses iPads with a number of faculty and staff.

Client Data Backup and Encryption roundtable

Greg Wilmer & Charlie Schuman, University Of St. Thomas
CrashPlan? Mozy? Dropbox? With all the competing data solutions available to consumers, what are we to do in enterprise environments? Join us in a discussion on helping manage client data on our campuses. Conversation to focus on backups, encryption and security.

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