Career Outcomes



Career Outcomes

Healthcare management is one of the fastest-growing, most rapidly changing and exciting careers in today's economy. In fact, 22 percent of all new jobs created during the next 10 years are projected to be in healthcare.

But, to advance in healthcare, many professionals realize they need bachelor's degrees. A bachelor's degree with a Healthcare Management major is designed for people who are working in healthcare — in clinical or administrative capacities — or who have some healthcare education experience. It's a solution for adult learners seeking a way to build on their experience with a bachelor's degree that will prepare them for roles in management and leadership roles in hospitals, clinics, insurance, health information and technology, and other settings. 

Get a head start on your MBA or MAOL degree

Many Healthcare Management students know they'll need a graduate degree to keep their long-term career goals.  St. Kate's can help you get there: While working on your bachelor's degree, you can take up to two courses from the St. Kate's Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) degree program. These courses will count as electives for your bachelor's degree and meet requirements for your master's. After earning your bachelor's, you can move seamlessly into the MBA or MAOL.  

Where you'll work

Healthcare management professionals work as administrators, managers, CEOs, analysts, planners and more. Through the efforts of well-trained and caring healthcare managers, patients receive access to timely and expert medical treatment by trained and licensed professionals in up-to-date facilities. Along with doctors, nurses and other clinicians, they are part of a healthcare team that saves and improves lives. 

Healthcare managers are employed in a variety of settings, including:

  • Assisted living services
  • Biomedical firms
  • Community agencies
  • Community health programs
  • Dental companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Government
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Insurance companies
  • Laboratories
  • Life sciences companies
  • Medical centers
  • Mental health organizations
  • Nursing homes
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Public and private hospitals
  • Public health
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Senior citizens' homes
  • Social service agencies

Business Career Fair

With more than 70 companies participating, St. Kate's Annual Career Opportunities Fair is the largest of any private college or university in Minnesota. You'll learn about promising possibilities for full-time positions, part-time jobs, and internships in business, healthcare, technology, nonprofits and other fields.