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Interested in healthcare or medical technology? Like interacting with people? Our nationally recognized healthcare sales major prepares you for exciting and rewarding careers in companies that manufacture and market consumer healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices or medical imaging equipment, such as CAT scans.

You’ll learn scientific concepts, medical terminology and business skills — such as negotiation and client management — to help physicians, nurses, therapists and other healthcare providers understand the technical details or life-saving aspects of new medical products and services.

Unique to St. Kate’s

St. Kate's is the only college in the United States that offers a major, minor and certificate in healthcare sales. We developed our innovative program to adapt our courses to the ever-changing healthcare marketplace.

We also tap healthcare professionals to design our courses. In "Understanding Medical Research — Drugs, Devices and Complementary Therapies," instructor and physical therapist Jean Omodt teaches you the basics of clinical research and how to critically evaluate clinical trial literature.

Classroom to career

You must complete a sales internship when you enroll in our program, so you learn firsthand how to influence decision-making for products and services. The "Business Practicum" is also required. This innovative course blends a supervised internship with classroom seminars that are focused on improving your communication skills, increasing your knowledge of an organization’s goals and reinforcing your accountability in the workplace.

The Sales Education Foundation named St. Kate’s among the Top Universities for Professional Sales Education in 2011 — the only one in Minnesota to make the cut.

A business foundation

To effectively sell to healthcare organizations or individuals, you must understand all aspects of business, including how to define and analyze target markets. That's why our program includes rigorous courses in accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, business law and statistical analysis. You'll also become tech-savvy, learning how to better research, communicate and collaborate with customers using email, social networking and search engines.

We also integrate ethics into every business course — a commitment that has made us a model for universities nationwide. We want you to solve ethical dilemmas and make good business decisions while staying true to your own convictions.

Interactive and practical

Classes are lively, involving discussion, role-playing, case studies and teamwork. We encourage you to evaluate your communication style and "emotional intelligence" by introducing you to multiple assessment tools. Knowing your strengths allows you to work more effectively with customers and colleagues, whose styles may differ from yours.

Role models and mentors

Our faculty are enthusiastic teachers and diligent researchers with international sales and marketing backgrounds.

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