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How does the past affect the present? St. Kate's history major spans ancient history to the traditions of the 21st century. You'll learn about people, places and events around the globe, plus acquire strong critical thinking, writing and research skills for a broad range of professions and graduate school.

St. Kate's history majors have rewarding careers in teaching, law, archival and museum work, government service, politics, business and many other areas.

Unique to St. Kate's

Women's history is woven throughout the curriculum and is a focus in many upper-level courses. In the "Women in Greece and Rome" course, for example, you get a clear picture of women's lives during ancient times by reading law cases, short stories, manuals on estate management and four Athenian plays.

Follow your interest

St. Kate's history major broadly educates you in the history of Europe, the United States and Asia through five required courses. One of these courses, "Introduction to Historiography," introduces you to historiography (the literature of history) and how to identify an author's thesis and hone your own writing skills.

You are then free to design your program — by choosing at least four upper-level courses in subject areas that interest you.

Undergraduate research

In your senior year, you will discuss historiographical methodology with peers, complete a substantial historical research project using primary sources (i.e. letters, website) and secondary sources (newspapers), and present your research to the University community.

Past "Senior Seminar" research topics include the use of technology in historical museums, the immigrant experience in 19th century Ireland, U.S. military history, the Eugenics Movement in Minnesota and women of the American Indian Movement.

Films and field trips

Our history faculty use a combination of films, lecture and discussions in the classroom. When appropriate, fieldtrips are added to the mix — as required or optional credit. Faculty encourage students to attend exhbits at the Minnesota History Center and other local museums related to course topics.

Flexible major

You may easily combine this major with other programs at St. Kate's. Alumna Nicole Anderson, who works with the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys, paired history and political science. Lauren Nelson double majored in history and math, then entered law school. Amanda Gustason studied history, German and theology.

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