Internships and Research



Internships and Research

"Undergraduate research opportunities are critical to the development of entry-level interior designers." — Justin Wilwerding, program director

In addition to traditional coursework, St. Kate's interior design program incorporates a range of co-curricular learning opportunities:

  • Work with non-profits to improve working and living environments for their clients through service-learning experiences.
  • Study abroad to garner a global understanding of how various cultures and social influences affect interior design.
  • Work with select faculty in undergraduate research projects focused on improving quality of life for a range of users and clients.
  • Engage in student chapters of interior design professional organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers and the International Interior Design Association.

Internship opportunities

You will pursue a professional internship with a design firm during your third year. Most internships are between 80 and 120 hours — and are awarded on a competitive basis at the discretion of interior design and architectural firms.

Many internships (particularly those at commercial interior design and architectural firms) are paid.