Research Requiring IRB Approval

Research Requiring IRB Approval

The St. Catherine University IRB is responsible for conducting initial and continuing review of all research that involves human subjects at this institution. Investigators cannot begin research with human subjects until a complete application has been submitted to the IRB, reviewed and approved.

For research requiring IRB approval, consider the following:

  • Do you intend to collect information and then present it to a public audience or at a conference?
  • Do you intend to publish findings or disseminate information based upon your work?
  • Will you be conducting interviews, surveys or focus groups?
  • Will you need access to sensitive data or records?
  • Is there any way to link the data you plan to collect with identifying information?
  • Are you seeking grant funding?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" then you should submit your application for IRB review.

Continue to:

  • Levels of Review - There are three levels at which an IRB application can be submitted for review: Exempt Status, Expedited Review and Full Review.
  • Steps for IRB Review - Follow these steps as you go through the IRB review process.
  • Mentor IRB - This is our online IRB management system where applications are to be submitted.
  • Classroom Research - The classroom protocol process remains separate from the IRB management system. Go here for guidelines and application.