IRB Meeting Schedule



IRB Meeting Schedule

The IRB Committee meets to review requests for Full (Level III) applications. All IRB applications and supporting documents must be submitted through Mentor IRB.

Meeting review slots are limited. Full Reviews are scheduled based on the order in which they are received. Once the meeting agenda is full, additional full reviews will be scheduled in the next available meeting. For exempt and expedited application reviews, the process takes about three to four weeks from final application submission (including faculty advisor approval) to a response from the IRB, unless additional questions and/or documents are required. During periods of high volume of applications, reviews may require an additional one to two weeks.

Until you have received written notice that your research has been approved, you must not begin to collect data or interact with human subjects.

Fall 2015 IRB Schedule

IRB Meeting Date
Date Electronic FULL Review
Application is Due
Thursday, September 3
10:00-11:00am - CdC 495
Tuesday, September 22
1-2:30pm - CdC 361
Tuesday, September 8
Friday, October 2
1-2:30pm - CdC 361
Friday, September 18
Tuesday, October 20
1-2:30pm - CdC 361
Tuesday, October 6
Friday, November 6
1-2:30pm - CdC 361
Friday, October 23
Tuesday, November 17
1-2:30pm - CdC 361
Tuesday, November 3
Friday, December 4
1-2:30pm - CdC 361
Friday, November 20
Tuesday, December 15
1-2:30pm - CdC 361
Tuesday, December 1
Tuesday, January 12
1-2:30pm - CdC 362
Tuesday, December 22


Spring 2016 IRB Schedule

The spring meeting schedule will be release later in the Fall.

Summer 2016 IRB Schedule

Summer IRB meetings will be scheduled as needed. IRB applications may be submitted at any time. Exempt and Expedited reviews do not require an IRB meeting for review.