Activies and Worksheets



Activies and Worksheets

Connecting to the Mission

This guide will help you develop your department or office's story about the relevance of your work to the institutional mission, and therefore the relevance to institutional effectiveness and assessment.

Curricular Mapping Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to be used by academic departments to map student learning outcomes throughout the curriculum.

Program Outcome Mapping Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to be used by Student Affairs offices/programs for mapping program outcomes throughout the calendar year or by programmatic opportunity.

Additional Outcome Mapping Worksheet

Here is another example/tool for cataloging learning outcomes and when/where they were presented to students.

How to Write a Rubric

Learn what goes into writing a good rubric, and how you determine the criteria using this guide.

Pop Quiz!

Take the quiz to see what you know so far and what your initial impressions of assessment are.

Let's Talk About Assessment

Here are some conversation starters if you have you been doing a lot of work on behalf of your department or office and are ready to engage others in the conversation.

Perspectives on Assessment

Conversations about institutional effectiveness and assessment are often influenced by our personal experiences with and opinions about the processes. Here is an opportunity to explore how people may be thinking as assessment work gets started.

Campus Support for Assessment

Consider this checklist to see how supportive the environment is for assessment at your institution.

Crafting Statements of Outcomes & Measures

Writing your outcome statements and deciding how to measure them is an important step in the assessment process. Here are some examples and suggestions for creating solid statements.

Closing the Loop

One of the most critical steps in the assessment process is figuring out what you've learned and what you're going to do next. Here are a few scenarios for your consideration.