OBAP Information and Models



OBAP Information and Models

Outcomes-Based Assessment Plan (OBAP)

This OBAP template walks users through the main components of a Department or Program assessment plan.

Assessment Planning Guide

The Assessment Planning Guide provides some foundational information about how to prepare a departmental or program assessment plan. This guide includes information about St. Catherine's institutional assessment plan and resources available at the university.

Student Learning Outcomes vs. Program Effectiveness

This is a chart of basic definitions to show the differences between student learning outcomes and program effectiveness assessment.

OBAP Start-Up Guide

Getting ready to start working on your outcomes-based assessment plan? Give this start-up guide a good look.

OBAP Evaluation Rubric

This evaluation rubric is a tool that can be used to evaluate the development of an Assessment Plan, and the degree to which it has progressed.

OBAP Models

Here are a few OBAP snippets from other departments and offices.