Surveys (Qualtrics)



Surveys (Qualtrics)

Facilitating the Survey Process

Qualtrics is a multi-faceted and user-friendly online software program for survey administration and data collection. It also has incredibly useful reporting capabilities.

The goal of Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment is to help the community engage in user-friendly, methodologically sound survey practices. Qualtrics provides a web based survey tool that supports faculty and staff research. It is a robust online survey and evaluation tool that is recommended and supported by the University with an officially sanction University account. Training for staff and faculty to become Qualtrics Users of the officially sanctioned University account is free and scheduled regularly through-out the academic year.

St Catherine University maintains online survey administration by securing annually an officially sanctioned university account with Qualtrics. This account provides full access to the resources of Qualtrics survey design and administration. The university supports and enhances this relationship with Qualtrics through its officially sanctioned university account in order to; a) administer the Annual Current Student Survey and other means to reduce survey fatigue, b) sustain a cost effective approach to university sanctioned online assessment, evaluation and research on campus, c) provide training support for faculty, staff, and approved graduate students to design good survey methodology, and d) continue to monitor best practices in survey administration, including sampling of participant populations and survey instrument distribution methods.

The officially sanctioned University account in Qualtrics is available for:

  1. Mission driven evaluation, assessment, and research at the University
  2. Faculty and staff members who are conducting online surveys within their position responsibilities
  3. Graduate students, (see below) who are either participating in collaborative research with a faculty member, or who are completing their final thesis or dissertation.


Review the resources below to learn about good survey design, the basic principles of this survey software, the St. Catherine University survey policy, and more.

Qualtrics​ User Policies at St. Kate's
The Role of IRPA in survey administration
Qualtrics Training: Why and how
Survey approval process
Survey Distribution Policy
Graduate Student Research - Resources Provided by IRPA
Undergraduate research
St. Kate's Qualtrics Users Group
Additional Qualtrics Help for Registered Users

Qualtrics​ User Policies at St. Kate's

Registered Qualtrics Users must comply with institutional polices regarding utilization of the officially sanctioned Qualtrics account access, which protects professional practice and our site license agreement. 

View Qualtrics Users Policies

Role of IRPA Office in Survey Administration

Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment staff are delighted to help the campus community when it comes to survey design and administration. To facilitate the process a number of policies have been implemented. The goal of these policies is two-fold:

  • We want to help ensure sound methodology and reliable survey practices
  • We want to help manage the number of surveys being distributed to the campus-wide community

The IRPA office staff members provide the following services to individuals who have completed Qualtrics User training to access the officially sanctioned University Qualtrics account. That support includes:

  • A three hour training session to introduce good survey design and practice principles
  • One to one support for developing online survey or evaluation instruments
  • Guidance as to who, and how, to recruit survey or evaluation participation*

*While we recognize the importance of all data-seeking ventures, we also want to ensure that our campus is not over-surveyed.

Qualtrics Training: Why and How

On a periodic basis during the academic year St. Catherine offers training for faculty and staff members to learn survey design principles, basic information about Qualtrics, and to become registered users of the officially university sanctioned Qualtrics survey software account. 

In order to access the software and become a Qualtrics User, you will need to register for, and attend a Qualtrics Basic Training session to gain access to the officially sanction University account by contacting Brian Dusbiber. Space is limited, please register in advance. Check the "Daily Updates" in Kateway, and the front page of the IRPA website for announcements of upcoming training sessions This training session includes covering basic survey design principles, the IRPA survey approval process, and the general functions of Qualtrics.

Survey Approval Process

After university sponsored training, internal surveys conducted by faculty or staff and which comply with essential informed consent practices and standard research practices, are usually ready for implementation. To assure compliance with informed consent practices, and advanced research methodology and practices, contact the University’s Institutional Review Board. Evaluation, assessment, and research practice at St. Catherine must follow professional protocol.  IRPA staff can assist with initial review of a project, but ultimately the final approval or waiver from review is the responsibility of the Institutional Review Board

Survey Distribution Policy

The university does not permit anyone to send unsolicited requests for surveys to university email addresses. This survey policy is to insure that the student and faculty/staff population are not over-surveyed. The commitment is to restrict access to mass survey distribution to university email accounts for university sponsored activity only.

Faculty and Staff only: Exceptions to this policy (extremely rare) are granted only by university Vice President or Dean, in cooperation with Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment.  If the project is approved, the Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment office staff will guide researchers on how to request a mass email distribution list.

For Faculty, Staff (and Graduate students completing an approved survey project): As an alternative to using mass email distribution on campus, IRPA staff members recommend that individuals be identified and invited to participate by solicitation through the Daily Update, poster advertisements, or in-class announcements. Some survey administrators have had success in developing a pool of survey participants by distributing paper invitations, through social media, table signs and via sign-up sheets. There has also been some success finding a concentrated number of participants in organizations, or at meetings and events.

From time to time, the faculty or staff at the University may need to solicit information or feedback from students via online surveys. Faculty and staff members interested in using the official university sanctioned Qualtrics resources are expected to comply with all policies of the university. Surveys conducted university-wide are coordinated directly by IRPA or another sanctioned department or program.

Graduate Student Research - Resources Provided by IRPA

In collaboration with the Graduate College, the staff of the Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment office can provide limited resources to graduate students engaged in collaborative research with a faculty member, or who are producing research activity for a terminal scholarly activity, such as a Master's Thesis, or Doctoral Dissertation. Refer to these policies for what resources the IRPA staff can provide graduate students. View Graduate student research resources

Undergraduate Student Research

Undergraduate students are not permitted to use the St. Catherine University Qualtrics account.

St. Kate's Qualtrics Users Group

Periodically there is an open meeting for registered users of Qualtrics. This is a time for registered Qualtrics users to share ideas, ask questions and learn more about the features of Qualtrics. Contact Brian Dusbiber ifyou are interested in being invited to User Group meetings.

Additional Qualtrics Help for Registered Users

If you have taken the basic training and are ready for additional mentoring, please contact Brian Dusbiber. He will be able to assist with your specific needs.

For additional help with more advanced Qualtrics features, please log in to your Qualtrics account and visit the "Help" link at the very top of the main page. You can also call the Qualtrics Helpline at 800.340.9194 for immediate help with specific questions or concerns about your survey design or administration.