TaskStream provides two primary resources to the University community. It serves as an online host for:

You can retrieve useful information to build workspaces for assessment planning and for annual professional activity reporting.

Creating a TaskStream Account

Faculty and participating staff completing an annual professional activity report and assessment planning must have a unique account established in TaskStream.

Need an account? Please contact Brian Dusbiber in IRPA.

TaskStream Professional Activity Reporting

Faculty members are asked annually to update their engagement in teaching, scholarship, and service. Faculty Credentials in TaskStream creates in one place a location where all of the professional activity of faculty and participating staff can be updated and maintained. Professional activity includes service to the university, community or professional organizations, research, publications, creative activities, grant writing or implementation, consulting, professional memberships or presentations, consulting, awards, and honors. Each user will be able to download their current CV or resume, certificates, licenses, and to further build a professional profile.

There are numerous features for reporting aggregated annual professional activity across selected groups of faculty. Reports can also be developed using a wide variety of parameters that are filtered for specific areas of professional activity.

To use TaskStream Faculty Credentials, each faculty member has their own log in identification and they can update their professional activity throughout the year. An email reminder is sent out to all faculty and participating staff to update their profile and records during Spring Semester.

If you have any further questions about using TaskStream for entering annual professional activity, contact Brian Dusbiber (bddusbiber@stkate.edu) in Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment.

Included below are resources to assist with professional activity reporting.