Creating Community at St. Kate's



Creating Community at St. Kate's


Welcome to creating a community at St. Kate's. This page is a resource that consists of different activities that can be used to help build teams and create stronger communities and teamwork.

There is a new activity on this page every month. So be sure to check back next month for a new teambuilding activity!

This month, we will be focusing on name games.

Name Games

Name Games are specifically designed to help participants remember names by providing associations or memorable experiences. The best time for these games is the beginning of the event to provide a sense of community. Try this name game activity in your group!

Active Names

Risk: Low           Time: 5-15 minutes               Audience: 5-12                   Materials: None


  • Participants should stand in a circle
  • Participants should introduce themselves by stating their name and naming an activity that starts with their initial. An example would be, “Hi, I’m Kicking Kendra,” and kicks.
  • Everyone response, “Hi kicking Kendra” and kicks
  • Continue around the circle until every participant has introduced themselves


  • Challenge the group to have someone introduce the group complete with the actions.
  • Remember everyone’s action throughout the week

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