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Walk in with an issue that just never seems to get resolved and walk out with a new perspective and options for action to move you forward.

Morning – What is happening in my issue?

• Introduction to Human Systems Dynamics foundation, rooted in complexity and chaos theory and the social sciences
• Pinpoint your “stuck” issue and understanding it in the context of three kinds of change
• Learn new ways to see patterns in your issue
• Learn the Adaptive Action model to get you unstuck


• Network and reconnect with Leaders of the New Millennium alum and other Leadership Institute participants

Afternoon – So What does that mean? Now What do I do?

• Understand how to influence complex adaptive systems and shift the patterns in your issue through seeing constraints on the issue in a new way
• Explore your issue through the lens of four perspectives or “truths” to broaden your perspective, value differences and choose the “truth” that will move you forward
• Create a refreshing action plan to shift your issue

Walk out with options for action on your stuck issue and models and methods that will help you whenever you or your team are stuck. You never have to be stuck again.

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