Leadership Challenge Tonya Jackman Hampton



Leadership Challenge Tonya Jackman Hampton

17th Annual
Leadership Challenge Conference
"Leadership Competencies for Success"

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Dr. Tonya Jackman Hampton

Everyone has fears.  Throughout our lives we develop pattern-recognition programs and habits in response to specific things that catapult us into an emotional response. To transcend away from the typical flight or fight response and be open to taking risk, leaders have to create positive solutions, adopt behaviors and strategies to transform our relationship with fear.
This session will teach the audience how to connect with their fears, strategize responses, and transform their outcomes.
tonya_160x160.jpgDr. Tonya Jackman Hampton is a Strategic HR leader with over 20 years of professional HR experience. She is committed to working with organizations who work to build a culture of inclusion, engagement and rely on the diversity of people to achieve the company’s mission, visions, and goals. She is a dynamic leader with experience in organization development, leadership development, diversity and inclusion and other key areas of Human Resources. She currently teaches as an adjunct professor at St. Catherine's and is a Sr. Director, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement at HealthParthers.  She holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science/Pre-Law as well as a MBA and EdD from the University of St. Thomas. 
Just to name a few of her speaking endeavors...You may have seen her speak at the Forum of Workplace Inclusion, Heartland Transformational Leader Circles, Honoring Women Worldwide or recently heard her on MPRs Roundtable discussing the recent book Lean-In by Sheryl Sandberg. 
She has spent time during her career traveling nationally and globally working with teams and leaders on organization development, diversity, and inclusion. She is a native of Minnesota, she lives here with her husband of 19 years and her daughter and son.  Her own philosophy on risk is...Know Fear and Take Risks!