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The program is comprised of eight learning sessions. A two-day retreat kicks off the program, followed by six evening sessions. At the retreat, each woman creates an individual strategic development career plan that outlines her professional and personnel objectives as measurable, outcome-based goals.

The strategic development plan is reviewed with a career coach during two personal consultations — one to finalize the plan, one to review the plan as it progresses. Designed to enhance your learning experience, a customized toolkit is included with leadership assessment instruments and the Leaders of the New Millennium resource book.

Participants of the program are part of a learning network of 20 women who meet throughout the year. Facilitated by Leadership Institute Faculty, this program combines skill-building learning sessions, group discussion, career coaching and personal writing. Participants maintain contact with fellow participants between sessions via Blackboard, an electronic learning management system and bulletin board.
This agenda fits conveniently into a busy schedule. The retreat takes place on a Friday and Saturday. Individual seminars are in the evening from 5–9 p.m. and include dinner. The coaching sessions may be in person or via phone.

Who Should Participate

Someone who:
>Delivers results that impact the organization
>Has a vision for her career
>Is committed to being a learner
>Shows ambition and is goal-oriented
>Is innovative — a creative, idea person who takes risks

This is a woman that organizations want to retain and groom because of the positive impact and value she contributes to the organization — both short term and long term.

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