Computer Requirements



Computer Requirements

Computer Checklist 2014-15: Online & Hybrid Learners
IMPORTANT -- PLEASE READ: If you are registering for online or hybrid programs, you should have access to a computer with the recommended hardware, software, and internet connection speed as listed below. You should also have the ability to control settings on the computer. Therefore, the use of computers in a workplace, at public libraries, or other locations where you have no control over computer settings, firewall settings etc. is not recommended. St. Catherine University (SCU) cannot assume responsibility for the inability of computers to connect to SCU websites or program delivery sites. Learners are responsible for keeping computers in good working order and notifying their instructor(s) when any computer issue interferes with their ability to participate fully in program activities.
Recommended Minimum Computer Specifications for Learners
Apple® Macintosh®
Operating System
Windows 7 or Windows 8 or 8 Pro (not RT)
Mac OS X (version 10.6, Snow Leopard or later)
Pentium 4 or
Celeron 2 GHz or faster
Intel, 800Mhz or faster
Hard Drive
200 GB or more
200 GB or more
RAM / Memory
2 - 4 GB (4GB Preferred)
2 - 4 GB (4GB Preferred)
DVD/CD Drive
Combo drive (dvd-rom/cd-rw)
Combo drive (dvd-rom/cd-rw)
Internet Connection
High Speed connection is recommended for ALL online learners and required for any programs that include video or video desktop conferencing. DSL, Cable modem, ISDN, T1, T3. . Test your connection at
Video Player
It is recommended that you have
at least two video players
installed on your computer to
accommodate different file types.
Pick two video players from the list below:
• QuickTime Player
• VLC Media Player
• Windows Media Player (PCs only)  
• Macintosh Media WMV Player: Flip4Mac (MACs only) ($29)
Office Software
So you can share files
electronically with instructors and
fellow learners.
• Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010
Home, Student or Professional
•  Microsoft Office Mac 2008 or
  Important note: iWorks is not
Google Docs (free with St. Kate’s Google Apps email account)
Office 2013 (Windows) and 2011(Mac) are available for a reduced
price from Microsoft for students at
Additional Software
•  Adobe Reader
•  ooVoo Video Desktop Conferencing tool (If needed – check with
Free download at:  for both
MAC and PC
It is recommended that you have
two browsers available to
accommodate all web content.
NOTE: Chrome is not currently fully supported by Desire2Learn
•  Mozilla Firefox (Firefox) 8.0 or above
•  Internet Explorer (IE) 8 (check before installing IE 9)
•  Mozilla Firefox (Firefox) 8.0 or above
Safari 4 or above (current version is 5)
Panopto Lecture Capture
• Silverlight plugin
Other Browser Plugins
•Adobe Flashplayer
•Adobe Shockwave
•QuickTime Player
Anti-Virus Software

You must have anti-virus
software installed to protect
yourself and the SCU network.
•  Microsoft Security Essentials is a very good free anti-virus program
available free to any PC computer user.
•  MAC: ClamXav is a free virus checker for MAC OS X and available at:
•  If you visit campus, you will be required to have a functional anti-virus
system before you’re allowed to connect your laptop to the St. Catherine
University network.
Anti-Spyware Software
Anti-spyware software is just as
important as anti-virus software.
Many programs are available online: Malwarebytes, SpyBot, Super Anti-
Spyware, and Microsoft Security Essentials, are examples. Plan to scan for and remove spyware frequently.
Preferred Accessories if
Using Video Desktop
(like Wimba,
ooVoo, or Collaborate)
• Webcam (built-in or external)
•  Headset with microphone - separate from your computer
    o  Logitech® or Plantronic® brands are recommended (Plan to
spend $15-$40.00).
    o  NOTE: Headsets are required include synchronous video desktop conferencing (Collaborate).
    o  NOTE: built-in sound and mics DO NOT work well due to feedback loops
Recommended Accessories
• Surge protector
• Printer

Help Desk Support

All St. Catherine University learners may contact the Help Desk by using the information below to get assistance with St. Kate’s online systems and resources.


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