June 19th - Dr. Mia Mulrennan



June 19th - Dr. Mia Mulrennan


The Forgotten Leadership Talents of Generation X

Summer Leadership Series 2014
June 19th - At St. Catherine University - Rauenhorst Ballroom - 8:00am to 9:30am


Dr. Mia Mulrennan

The members of Generation X are sandwiched between 78 million Baby Boomers and 80 million Millennials, and are sometimes referred to as The Forgotten Generation.  Professional and pop psychology have referred to Generation X as the “forgotten middle child”.  Is your organization ignoring the powerful leadership talents that Generation X has to offer?  In this talk, Dr. Mia Mulrennan will link her work with the leaders of Gen X with her own life experiences as an Xer, and shows you how to leverage the leadership power and talent you didn’t even know you have.

Participants who complete this workshop will:
·       Learn about Generation X
·       Increase their knowledge regarding the overall traits and characteristics attributed to Gen X
·       Gain understanding about how those translate into leadership skills and work styles
·       Gain insight into how to best leverage those skills and styles
·       Have Q&A and activity/exercise time to share insights and individual situations regarding how to outline structures, work situations and specific leadership talent in their organizations


Dr__Verna_160x160.jpgDr. Mia Mulrennan is an organizational psychologist, and President and Chief Motivations Mapper at Rave-Worthy Consulting. She advises clients in effectively applying tenets of psychology to achieve positive business results in areas of talent management, organizational development and service branding. Mia specializes in working with companies in high-touch customer oriented industries such as travel, hospitality, retail and consumer products. 
She has worked as an external consultant to many Fortune 500 corporations and has a passion for working with Gen X and women leaders. She is also adjunct faculty and an advisory board member for graduate leadership programs at Saint Catherine University, University of St. Thomas and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in their Hospitality Business Management Program.