July 10th - Simone Ahuja



July 10th - Simone Ahuja


Frugal Innovation: Innovating Faster, Better, Cheaper

Summer Leadership Series 2014
July 10th - At St. Catherine University - Rauenhorst Ballroom - 8:00am to 9:30am


Dr. Simone Ahuja

A recent IBM survey shows that global CEOs value creativity more than almost any other business capability, rating it higher than vision, rigor and management discipline.  Frugal innovation is a powerful, proven approach that forward-looking Western companies are using to foster creativity and innovate faster, cheaper, and better. In this interactive presentation, Dr. Simone Ahuja shares the six winning principles used by today’s top frugal innovators and helps participants learn how to apply these principles to their daily work practices - and transform their businesses.

Participants will learn to:

  • Obtain and apply deep consumer insights
  • Take a user-centric approach to product, service and business model innovation
  • Re-frame problems to find multiple, value-for-money solutions to existing business problems



Dr__Verna_160x160.jpgDr. Simone Ahuja Dr. Simone Ahuja is the founder of Blood Orange, a marketing and strategy advisory boutique with a focus on innovation and emerging markets.

Dr. Ahuja has served as a consultant to the Centre for India & Global Business at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and as an associate Fellow for the Asia Society in New York City. She is a regular columnist for the Harvard Business Review online.