June 5th - Margaret Smith



June 5th - Margaret Smith


Be a Great Leader, 10 Minutes at a Time

Summer Leadership Series 2014
June 5th - At St. Catherine University - Rauenhorst Ballroom - 8:00am to 9:30am


Drawing from Margaret's newly published book, "The Ten Minute Leadership Challenge",  Margaret will discuss the 10 leadership competencies that make a profound difference in your effectiveness as a leader, no matter what your role is. 

You will use a common prioritization tool to help identify where to start and work with other participants to develop your plan for growth and development.  You will leave this interactive workshop environment with actions you can take immediately. Participants will have the ability to purchase a book on June 5th if they choose.


Dr__Verna_160x160.jpgMargaret Smith is a career coach, educator, speaker and author. As the founder of UXL, she offers individuals and teams the guidance necessary to improve communication and reach maximum potential. Clients share a desire to develop leadership and management skills, learn how to achieve their goals and help others to grow.

Margaret pulls from her broad business background, 27 years in business management at 3M, to relate to her clients, create the interactive workshops she delivers and as the foundation of her recently published book, “The Ten Minute Leadership Challenge”.  Margaret is an adjunct professor in the Center for Sales Innovation at Saint Catherine University where she also leads a Woman’s Sales Leaders cohort, a group of sales professionals seeking development opportunities and networking with leaders in the marketplace. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, is cited as a leading new entrepreneur in Cambridge Who’s Who, International Women Leaders and a nominee for the Women In Business award from the Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal,

Margaret is married to Marlay, they have two boys, John and Jared and a beautiful daughter in law Jolene.