VESi Early Childhood: Family-Centered Services



VESi Early Childhood: Family-Centered Services

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Course Description

Early Childhood:

Family-Centered Services
C0011: 3 CEUs $200
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This course is designed to give you a new perspective on serving the needs of young children and their families. In this course you will learn what is meant by family-centered services as it applies to diverse systems of care, gain an understanding of family diversity, and explore the major stress factors facing families today. We will discuss the theoretical basis for family-centered services, as well as reflect on current research and best practice. Family-Centered Services will also examine the role of early childhood educators and explore ways to build partnerships with parents and create communities of care—for the benefit of our children, and ultimately society as a whole.

This course is designed for anyone working with young children and their families: child-care providers, early childhood educators, and health care or social services providers, to name a few.